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Grasshopper Sparrow

Ammodramus savannarum pratensis




Special Concern (Federal)
Red List (Provincial)


The Grasshopper Sparrow is a small beige and grey bird. It has a short tail, flat head and cone shaped beige bill. Key features are a plain cream coloured throat and breast with either unmarked or faintly marked flanks. Its back is a mottled rust colour.

The Grasshopper Sparrow typically breeds in large grasslands, pastures or hayfields and natural prairies characterized by well-drained, often poor soil dominated by relatively low sparse perennial herbaceous vegetation.
They can be found in grasslands in the South Okanagan and Similkameen


-Loss of habitat due to conversion of grasslands and pasture into intensive farming
-Habitat fragmentation
-Mowing activities during the breeding season

You Can Help!

-Retain natural grasslands, pastures and hay fields
-Ensure a healthy native vegetative community
-Limit mowing during breeding periods (May to early summer)


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