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Our COVID-19 Protocols

We are currently not seeing anyone in our office in order to maintain physical distancing and to do our part to flatten the curve. OSS Staff are working predominantly from home offices at this time.

We are still available to conduct property and farm visits if:

- both OSS staff and the land owner/manager are healthy, have no at-risk people in their "circle" and neither the OSS staff or land owner/manager have been out of province in the past 14 days.

- neither OSS staff nor the land owner/manager has come into contact with any person who has been ill, out of the country, or has had possible COVID-19 exposure within the last 14 days.

- both OSS staff and the land owner/manager are comfortable conducting site visits.


All site visits will be conducted solely outdoors with 2+ metre physical distancing protocols between people at all times.

OSS staff will not shake hands, enter homes, or pass items between parties at this time. All documents will be provided digitally at the current time. Stewardship agreements will be provided by email, and can be printed, signed, and returned to OSS staff by taking a photo, scanning, or mailing the forms.

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