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Vivid dancer

Argia vivida



Special Concern (Federal)
Blue List (Provincial)


Vivid dancer is a robust damselfly that is 29.5-35mm long. Adults are bright or violet blue, with black markings. Females may be more dull in colour or they can be orange, red, brown or black. The wings are clear with a distinct venation pattern.

Vivid dancer larvae inhibit thermal springs at least 10°C warmer than the mean annual air temperature, and also low elevation cool springs in the Okanagan. The adults forage and roost near water habitat and nearby forests.


-Habitat loss due to water diversion or degradation, commercial thermal spring operations, alteration of springs and drainage channels
-Livestock use of cool springs

You Can Help!

-Protect and conserve thermal and cool springs
-Prevent livestock from open access to springs


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