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Let's go into the field!

While out in the field, we often get the change notice the little things in nature that many people might not see at first glance. These moments often happen when we have our head in a bush or bum in the grass! Here are a few 'little things' our staff have noticed while out #havingafieldday with our heads stuck in a bush.

1. Mushrooms! Often ignored, fungi are some of the most numerous species in the world - there are over 3500 species of fungus just in BC! We found these mottlegill (we think) mushrooms growing out of a very old pile of horse droppings while we helped a Wildlife Habitat Steward remove burdock from their property.

2. The plant in this photo is known as Comfrey (Symphytum officinale). You may know this plant as a permaculture darling, but what you may not know is this plant is INCREDIBLY invasive and harmful to local habitats. Its fast growth and rapid spread mean it gets out of control very quickly. Highly resistant to digging, mowing, suffocation, and even many pesticides, Comfrey is one of the most frustrating plants we come across. A small silver lining? Pollinators quite like the flower nectar, as demonstrated by this hungry bumblebee.

3. At first glance this Pineappleweed may just look dirty, but on closer inspection you can see dozens of tiny root aphids at the base of the plant! These small insects complete a portion of their life cycle directly on a plant and usually suck on the sap inside the plant


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