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Nature-inspired New Years #4

Next up in our Nature-inspired New Years resolutions:

Appreciate the rocky bits - you never know what new opportunities they may be concealing!

Steep cliffs, stone outcrops, and rocky slopes are common sights throughout the Okanagan and Simlkameen. While they might not be as beautiful as a grassland in bloom or as easy to navigate as a forest trail, they are still incredibly important! These areas used by many animals, such as Mountain Goats, as refuges from predators. One of the more notable inhabitants of these areas are Bighorn Sheep. Each spring, ewes travel deep into rugged terrains habitat to have their lambs, as it is difficult for predators like coyotes and bobcats to navigate the craggy territory. Ewes give birth alone, but soon rejoin the other ewes and lambs among the cliffs. The new lambs spend the next few months growing, maturing, and learning how to navigate the crags and rocks before they follow the ewes out of the rugged terrain and into their open grassy summer habitats.

So, the next time you find yourself in a rocky area, remember- not only are they best navigated with the help of others, but sometimes something entirely new can come out of them!


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