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Yellow-Breasted Chat

Icteria virens




Endangered (Federal)
Red List (Provincial)


The Yellow-breasted Chat is bright yellow on the throat and breast, white on the belly and olive green on the back. The bird has white markings on the side of its blue-grey head. Its song is a loud series of clear whistles and harsher notes.

This bird breeds in dense thickets around wood edges, riparian areas, and in overgrown clearings. British Columbia populations are more or less confined to riparian environments, particularly thickets of wild rose and willow along streams and river oxbows.


Habitat destruction due to urban and agricultural development
Removal of nesting areas in riparian (creekside) forests
Predation by feral and owned outdoor cats

You Can Help!

Protect remaining riparian forest areas
Avoid pesticide use
Limit livesock access to riparian areas
Restore riparian areas on your property
Keep cats inside whenever possible


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