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Species-at-Risk Guide

The Okanagan valley has been recognized as one of the most diverse regions of Canada with respect to the sheer number of different plants and animals species that live here. This valley has more threatened, endangered and rare species than any other part of British Columbia and has one of the highest concentrations of species-at-risk in Canada.  A species-at-risk is a plant or animal that is at risk of becoming extinct.


There are different levels of risk: federally, a species can be designated as Endangered, Threatened, Vulnerable, or Special Concern, depending on how rare they are and how much they are at risk of disappearing.  In BC, species are assigned risk ranks using the colours Red, Blue, and Yellow.  A Red-listed species is endangered in BC, a Blue listed species is declining and might become endangered soon, and a Yellow-listed species is not currently at risk of becoming endangered.

Have you seen a species-at-risk and would like to report your sighting? Do you have a question about local wildlife or about a species-at-risk? Contact us!

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