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The Okanagan Similkameen Stewardship Society (OSSS) is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors. At each AGM (held in the summer), members of OSSS vote for up to 7 directors to serve on the board.

The next election of our Board of Directors will be held in September 2022.


We are looking for individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences who are interested in helping us fulfill our vision of promoting stewardship, conservation and enhancement of important habitats for wildlife for the benefit of the public throughout communities of the Okanagan and Similkameen valleys.

Nominees do not have to have a background in biology or conservation but should have keen interest in our mission and mandate!


Nominees should have experience or expertise in at least one of the following priority skill areas:

- Business or financial experience

- Volunteering, fundraising or working with non-profit or charitable organizations

- Participating and collaborating with multi-stakeholder groups or on issues involving multi-stakeholders.

- Familiarity with financial planning/management (Note the OSSS has an accountant and bookkeeper)

- Knowledge of or interest in stewardship of habitats and species

- Representatives of local industry (e.g. agricultural) and various land tenures, etc.


We are seeking board members with:

- Familiarity of OSSS and its initiatives throughout the Okanagan and Similkameen valleys.

- Commitment to the OSSS vision, mission and strategic direction

- Availability and willingness to fulfill board member duties

- Openness to learning

- Ability to work as a team

- Member of Okanagan Similkameen Stewardship Society.

Board terms are generally three-years and activities include attending, in person or by web-conference, ~9 board meetings annually, participating in regular email communications, and supporting OSS activities within your areas of expertise. OSS has an executive director tasked with carrying out the organization’s mission. New Directors will be supported and mentored by an existing Board member to help ease the transition into this leadership role.





1.1 Role of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is responsible for governing the organization, guided by the constitution, vision statement and mission of the Society. The board determines the strategic direction and priorities of the organization and is guided by current information.


1.2 Responsibilities of the Board of Directors. The board will be responsible for the following areas, with the support of the organization’s staff and officers:

Human Resources

- Select and support the Executive Director.

- Develop, set and review goals, objectives and mission on the short and long term strategic plan.

Finance & Fundraising

- Ensure financial accountability of the organization.

- Oversee an ongoing process of budget development, approval and review.

- Develop a program plan, budget and fundraising plan.

- Participate in fundraising activities based on the individual’s skills and background.

Community Relations

- Promote the organization to the public and enhance the organization’s public image.

- Be an advocate of the organization.

- Promote cooperative action with other organizations.


- Attend board meetings regularly and participate in other events whenever possible.

- Ensure that the organization’s administrative systems are adequate and appropriate.

- Understand issues before the board, contribute informed opinions and recommendations at board meetings.

- Focus on major organizational principles, policies and decisions.

- Disclose all potential or actual conflicts of interest.

- Assess its own performance.

- Identify and protect confidential internal board issues.


- Determine internal policy in the areas of board procedures and operation, financial controls, public relations, fundraising and how the organization treats, recognizes and celebrates its volunteers and members.


Participation on the Board is voluntary and there is no remuneration for service.

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