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Long Tailed Weasel

Mustela frenata



Red List (Provincial)


The Long Tailed Weasel has a long thin body shape with a long neck, short legs and short dense fur. They are brown with a white or yellowish belly in the summer and turn mostly white in the winter. The extremely long tail has a black tip . Long Tailed Weasels are usually 42 to 45 cm (16-17 in) long - and half of that is its tail!


The Long Tailed Weasel can utilize a variety of habitats including coniferous and deciduous forests, riparian shrub lands, natural meadows, and human-made clearings like cut blocks or farm fields. They will often den in burrows made by rodent prey but will also den in natural cavities such as hollow trees, stumps, logs, debris piles, rock crevices or human made structures like haystacks, farm machinery and buildings.


-Rodenticides (via secondary poisoning)
-Decrease in prey species
-Habitat loss

You Can Help!

-Limit rodenticide usage as much as possible and use other methods of rodent control first
-Protect and conserve wildlife habitat


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