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Columbia Sculpin

Cottus hubbsi



Special Concern (Federal)
Blue List (Provincial)


The Columbia Sculpin is a small fish that reaches a maximum 10 to 11 cm in length. It is a typically shaped sculpin with a large head and thick body. Columbia Sculpins have dark mottling on the fins, tail, and body, and are very hard to identify from other sculpins as they all look similar.

This species can generally be found in rocky riffle habitats in rivers and streams, but may sometimes occur in lakes as well. In BC, this Sculpin is only found in the Similkameen River.


-Limited habitat and competition with other more effective species
-Unnatural fluctuations in water levels, temperature, and flow (hydroelectric and storage reservoirs)
-Mortality from dams
-Pollution from agriculture, mining, logging, lumber mills, and sewage treatment facilities
-Competition and predation from aquatic invasive species

You Can Help!

-Prevent riverbank and creek side erosion
-Stop pollution of water bodies


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