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Lyall's Mariposa Lily

Calochortus lyallii



Special Concern (Federal)
Blue List (Provincial)


Lyall's mariposa lily is a long lived bulbous, perennial herb. The leaves are gray-green, narrow and grass like. Each plant can have 1-10 flowers and each flower is 3-5cm across. The flowers have 3 petals and 3 sepals. The petals are white with purple crescent shaped marking near the base and are sparsely hairy.


Lyall's mariposa lily resides on sagebrush slopes, grasslands, and open forests in the steppe and montane zones. It is usually found on sloping grassy areas dominated by bluebunch wheatgrass and Idaho fescue. In B.C. this plant is solely located within the Okanagan's dry, hot Interior Douglas-Fir biogeoclimatic Zone.


-Habitat loss due to urban and agricultural development
-Livestock and cattle overgrazing and trampling
-Invasive species
-Fire suppression

You Can Help!

-Protect and conserve areas with healthy populations of this species
-Use appropriate farming and ranching practices
-Keep the area free of invasive weeds
-Avoid trampling or driving over the plant and the surrounding habitat
-Learn more about this plant and its biology


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