Scarlet Ammannia

Ammannia coccinea





Scarlet Ammannia is a smooth, usually upright plant that usually grows between 5 cm to 20 cm tall. Its leaves are elongate, 1.5 cm to 8 cm long and clasp the stem. Each fall, the plant produces 1-4 pale lavender flowers in the leaf axils.


Scarlet Ammannia grows on fine textured soils alongside ponds that dry into the autumn. The vegetation in these sites is lowgrowing and often sparse, and consists of a variety of herbs including species of spike-rush, awned cyperus, and short-rayed alkali aster.


It is rare and has been observed at two sites east of Osoyoos Lake
Shoreline development
Recreational activities
Artificial maintenance of Osoyoos Lake water levels

You Can Help!

Keep the area free of invasive weeds
Avoid trampling or driving over the plant and its habitat
Learn more about this plant and its biology