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Amphibians spend a portion, if not their entire lives in wetlands. Most amphibian species require water for breeding and is where young develop into adults. Amphibians undergo metamorphosis in which they develop lungs to breathe air in addition to their already present gills. Throughout their lives, amphibians are also able to "breathe" through their skin and for this reason are known as ecological indicators because their health can be very quickly impacted by changes to their habitat. Ecological indicator species are used by environmental groups and government policy makers to determine necessary actions regarding ecosystem health, biodiversity, and productivity.

Wetlands are one of the most productive ecosystems on Earth. One way that amphibians contribute to this is that amphibians are natural pest controllers.Salamanders and fogs  living in water systems eat mosquito larvae which keeps their populations down.

With so many wetlands being lost to development in our valley bottom, many Okanagan and Similkameen region salamanders and frogs are considered at risk. Learn to identify the amphibians in your neighbourhood with the Amphibian ID Card in the Resources section on the left!

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Amphibian ID Card
Great Basin Spadefoots
Grasslands & Desert Amphibians
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Retain native plants and loose, sandy soils in your yard.

Watch for amphibians on roads and stop for them if safe to do so. If you move them off the road, be sure to move them in the direction they were already facing.

Avoid pesticide use whenever possible.

Retain vegetation buffers around ponds, marshes, and streams.

Outfit your pool with a “Froglog” if you notice critters getting caught in your filter.

Limit livestock access to wetlands and provide alternate water sources.

Do not immediately kill frogs that you think might be the invasive American Bullfrog. Please contact us for a confirmed identification first.

Become a Wildlife Habitat Steward with Okanagan Similkameen Stewardship Society!


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