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Dolichonyx oryzivorus




Threatened (Federal)
Blue List (Provincial)


The Bobolink is a medium-sized songbird. Males are black below and lighter above, while females are light beige and brown streaked and could be mistaken for some species of sparrow. They have a cone shaped bill, rigid, sharply pointed tail feathers and long hind toenails.

The Bobolink occurs in various grassland habitats and abandoned fields dominated by tall grasses. They usually nest in meadows, hay fields or pastures dominated by a variety of species.

They can be found in grassy areas scattered throughout the valley bottoms of the Okanagan Valley from may-August, most often using hayfields for their breeding grounds.


-Loss of grassland habitat due to human development
-Conversion of range-lands and hayfields in to orchards and vineyards
-Death from agricultural operations that destroy nests
-Habitat fragmentation
-Pesticide use

You Can Help!

-Conserve and protect wildlife habitat
-Retain tall growing grasslands, pastures and meadows
-Delay agricultural operations and cutting hay-fields during breeding season (early summer)
-Protect known nest sites from human disturbance
-Avoid pesticide use whenever possible


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