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Clark’s Grebe

Aechmophorus clarkii




Red List (Provincial)


Clark's Grebes are highly specialized for swimming and diving. They have lobed feet and contrasting black and white plumage year round. During the breeding season the feathers on the top of the head form a crest. The dark feathers on the head to do not extend below the eye like the western grebe and they have a yellow-orange bill unlike the western grebe.

They spend most of their time foraging in lakes and marshes and only go on land to nest along shorelines. They are similar to the Western Grebe as they need an open body of water that has plenty of prey fish and emergent vegetation. They also do not prefer fluctuating water levels especially during nesting.


-Pollution and degradation of lakes and ponds
-Recreational powerboats or personal water crafts disturbing nest sites
-Invasive fish species
-Invasive plant species
-Fluctuating water levels during nesting

You Can Help!

-Conserve and protect wildlife habitat
-Support anti-pollution efforts
-Use watercraft responsibly and avoid possible waterfowl nesting sites
-Clean all watercraft after each use to limit the spread of invasive species


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