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Flammulated Owl

Otus flammeolus




Special Concern (Federal)
Blue Listed (Provincial)


The Flammulated Owl is a tiny forest owl that is about 15-17 cm tall. It has grey, dark brown or reddish brown feathers that are tipped with orange. It has dark eyes and small ear tufts. They are more often identified by their sound which is a one or two-note low pitched hoot that sounds like a disntict "boop" or "booboop".

The Flammulated Owl depends on mature and old-growth Douglas fir dominant forests with some Ponderosa pine. They also need wildlife trees for nesting, a low to moderate canopy closure, thickets of younger Douglas-fir for security cover, and open forest patches with shrub under-story for foraging. They breed in ecosystems with frequent stand-maintaining fires.


-Removal of wildlife trees
-Fire suppression creating overly-thick forest
-Habitat loss due to human development and logging
-Mountain Pine Beetle and Douglas Fir Beetle infestation

You Can Help!

-Conserve and protect old growth forest
-Retain dead and dying trees and old growth forests
-Retain healthy native plant communities in under-story


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