Prairie Falcon

Falco mexicanus


Red List


The Prairie Falcon is about 40-50 cm with a 1 meter wingspan. It has pointed wings, a narrow tail and flies with quick wing beats. Adults have sandy backs and lightly barred chests. They usually have distinct thin dark vertical bars under each eye.
Prairie Falcons can be distinguished from their Peregrine cousins by their much lighter brown backs and and whiter faces


Prairie Falcons nest in rugged terrain on rocky cliffs near open sagebrush grasslands. They typically nest on the ledge of a cliff, dirt bank or sometimes they will use abandoned nests from hawks or ravens. Their nests sites are usually situated near water.


Loss of foraging habitat due to human development
Human disturbances near nesting sites
Decline in ground squirrel populations has reduced their main prey

You Can Help!

Retain sagebrush grasslands especially areas located near cliffs or potential nesting sites
Avoid disturbance near nesting sites
Establish and protect healthy habitat suitable for ground squirrels