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Western Grebe

Aechmophorus occidentalis




Special Concern (Federal)
Red List (Provincial)


The Western Grebe is a large waterbird with lobed feet set well back on a streamline body which makes then awkward on land but good swimmers. They have a white throat. breast belly and black and grey plumage on their crown, neck back and wings. They have a long yellow-green pointed bill and bright eyes.

Western Grebes nest at marshes and lakes with sand and emergent vegetation, stable water levels and extensive open water. They also need a large population of prey fish.


-Recreation involving powerboats and personal watercraft
-Habitat loss or degradation to emergent vegetative communities
-Fluctuations in water level during nesting
-Invasive fish species
-Declines in prey availability

You Can Help!

-Limit use of powerboats or watercraft in known nesting locations
-Clean boats well after each use to limit the spread of invasive species
-Don't move or transfer fish


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