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Pallid Bat

Antrozous pallidus



Endangered (Federal)
Red List (Provincial)


The Pallid Bat is a large bat that is 9.2 to 13.5 cm in length. They have slate grey wings, a pale abdomen, large tan-coloured ears, large eyes, and short fur which fades from a pale yellowish-brown colour to cream.


The Pallid Bat can be found in sparsely vegetated areas such as deserts, sagebrush, dry grasslands, cultivated fields, and sometimes even in coniferous forests. During the day the bats roost in cliff crevices and rock faces.
Pallid Bats are unique in that they will forage on the ground, making them vulnerable to vehicles and pets


-Habitat loss due to urbanization, recreation, and agricultural development
-Pesticide use in fruit-growing areas may poison insects which then transfers to the bat when they feed
-Predation by domestic and feral pets
-Vehicle road mortality

You Can Help!

-Decrease pesticide use as much as possible
-Do not let dogs harass wildlife
-Keep cats indoors or restrict outdoor roaming as much as possible
-Watch for animals on the road while driving


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