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Dark Saltflat Tiger Beetle

Cicindela parowana



Endangered (Federal)
Red List (Provincial)


The Dark Saltflat Tiger Beetle ranges in size from 10 mm to 21 mm long. These beetles have large pointed antennae that arise from the top of the head, long spindly legs which hold the body well off the ground, a narrow body, and broad hind wings used for flying. Their colour ranges from brilliant green, violet, or orange to greyish and black.

Alkaline flats (a flat plain covered with a hard, dry mix of alkaline salts and sediment formed by the evaporation of a shallow lake or basin) are the preferred habitat of the Dark Saltflat Tiger Beetle. These beetles are active during daylight and are sun-loving species, however, adults have been found to burrow into sand at night or on hot days.


-Development near alkaline lakes and salt flats
-Loss or degradation of habitat
-Compaction of soil by livestock and excessive recreational use (eg ATVs)
-Pesticide use

You Can Help!

-Protect alkaline lakes and salt flats
-Avoid recreation activities in sensitive salt flat areas


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