Mormon Fritillary, Erinna Subspecies

Speyeria mormonia erinna


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The Mormon Fritillary is the smallest of the Fritillary butterflies with a wingspan of just 1.5-2.5 inches. The top side of the wing is bright orange with black and dark brown checkered pattern and a black border. The underside of the wing has a similar pattern but the colours are substantially paler, and in the erinnea subspecies the underside of the wing often has a rusty red-brown colour. The erinnea subspecies also often has blue eyes.

Sometimes, other larger Fritillary species can be mistaken for Monarch butterflies, however Monarchs have a tiger-striped, not checkered, wing pattern.

Mormon Fritillaries are usually in areas that have denser forest canopies that have medium patches of nectaring plants such as pearly everlasting, yarrow and thistle species. Eggs and larvae depend on Violet species as a host plant.


You Can Help!

-Remove invasive weeds from habitat areas
-Protect and conserve forest habitats
-Establish healthy communities of host plant



(Mormon Fritillary photo taken by Steve Ansell, found on