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Nuttall's Sheepmoth

Hemileuca nuttalli



Endangered (Federal)
Red List (Provincial)


Nuttall's Sheep Moths are large Giant Silk Moths and can have wingspans nearly 3 inches across. The wings are a bright orange-yellow at the bottom, gradually morphing into creamy white on the top. The wings have two thick black stripes that curve through the middle of the wings, and there is a black eye-spot with a white centre on each wing. The body is yellow-orange. Caterpillars are black and spiny and can reach 5.5 cm (2in) in length. Sheep Moths are also sometimes called Buck Moths

Nuttall's Sheep Moths are found in the brunchgrass shrub-steppe on dry open slopes at low elevation. The larvae require antelope-brush and snowberry species.


-Drastic loss of antelope-brush due to agricultural and urban development
-Herbicides and insecticides

You Can Help!

-Protect and conserve areas with healthy populations of antelope-brush
-Avoid herbicide and insecticide use


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