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Umatilla Dace

Rhinichthys umatilla



Threatened (Federal)
Red List (Provincial)


The Umatilla Dace is a member of the Carp family that lives exclusively in the Columbia Basin. It is about 12 cm long and is dark coloured with a mottled pattern and cream-coloured flanks. Small barbels located on the edges of its downward facing mouth identify this species. This fish lives in rivers or creeks with fast-flowing water.

This species prefers river habitats with cobble and stone cover where the current is fast enough to prevent siltation. These fish are usually found along the river banks, at depths of less than 1m. The Umatilla Dace prefer productive low elevation waters where food may be more abundant than in the colder, unproductive water of higher elevations.


-Dams greatly alter aquatic environments, converting rivers and streams to reservoir lakes
-Silt introduced into waterways from disturbance (forestry, development, agriculture) or from reduced water flow due to irrigation

You Can Help!

-Conserve water
-Prevent land disturbances from occurring near waterways
-Stabilize bare riparian banks with native plants


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