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Western Bumble bee

Bombus occidentalis



Threatened (Federal)
Blue List (Provincial)


Western bumble bees are a medium sized (1-2cm) bumble bee with a short head. The abdomen colour can vary, but all individuals will have a band of yellow hair on their body in front of the wing base. The very tip of the abdomen is usually white.

Western bumble bees live in a diverse range of habitats including mixed woodlands, farmlands, montane meadows, urban areas, and western grasslands. They typically nest in underground abandoned rodent burrows or inside hollow decaying wood. They gather pollen and nectar from a variety of flowering plants.


-Herbicide use reducing suitable vegetation in their habitats
-Loss of habitat due to agricultural and urban development
-Use of pesticides, especially neonictinoid pesticides

You Can Help!

-Limit the use of pesticides and use more organic methods
-Learn more about this species and its biology


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