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Dwarf Woolly-heads

Psilocarphus brevissimus



Endangered (Federal)
Red List (Provincial)


Dwarf Woolly-heads are a small, hairy, annual plant that grows up to 5 cm tall. It has short, opposite leaves that are 5 to 25 mm long. The upper leaves usually surpass the flower heads, which are copiously woolly and really easy to see.


Dwarf Woolly-heads are found in the clay soil of vernal pools in large forest openings dominated by species of popcornflower and Close-flowered Knotweed. It is also found in shallow, temporarily flooded depressions and ponds, in the same type of soils, wet in spring but dried out and compacted in summer.


-Restricted to small areas of suitable habitat
-Habitat destruction due to changes in grazing, hydrology practices, and ATV use
-Invasive plants
-Climate change reduces the frequency of flooding for suitable sites

You Can Help!

-Learn more about this plant and its biology
-Avoid trampling or driving over the plant and the surrounding environment
-Control and/or remove invasive plants and reduce soil disturbance to prevent invasive plants from establishing


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