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Grand Coulee Owl-clover

Orthocarpus Barbatus



Endangered (Federal)
Red List (Provincial)


Grand Coulee Owl-clover is a fairly small but conspicuous herb. It grows between 8 to 25 cm tall. Its yellowish-greenish leaves are linear and 2 to 4 cm long. This species has yellow tube-shaped flowers with oval shaped capsules containing their seeds.


The Grand Coulee Owl-clover grows in areas that have hot and dry summers. Can be found in sagebrush and grassland communities on fine sandy and silty soils at lower elevations in the southern Okanagan Valley.


-Habitat loss due to urbanization
-Invasive plants
-ATV use

You Can Help!

-Learn more about this plant and its biology
-Avoid trampling or driving over the plant and the surrounding environment
-Control and/or remove invasive plants and reduce soil disturbance to prevent invasive plants from establishing


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