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Nugget Moss

Microbryum vlassovii



Endangered (Federal)
Red List (Provincial)


Nugget Moss is tiny, less than 2 mm tall, and grows individually or in small scattered patches. The upper leaves are about 1 mm long and are light green to yellow-green, or golden-green in colour. The lower leaves are pale brown and are wider than the upper leaves. The round capsules of Nugget Moss disintegrate as conditions dry into the summer and their spores are released.


Nugget Moss is restricted to undisturbed and exposed, compact silts and clays. It is found on or at the base of partially shaded or highly exposed steep slopes of the south Okanagan and Thompson Valleys, where few other moss species are able to grow.


-Road construction and maintenance
-Recreational hiking
-Invasive plants

You Can Help!

-Learn more about this plant and its biology
-Avoid trampling or driving over the plant and the surrounding environment
-Control and/or remove invasive plants and reduce soil disturbance to prevent invasive plants from establishing


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