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Pale Evening-primrose

Oenothera pallida



Red List (Provincial)


Pale evening-primrose is a rhizomatous perennial with whitish, peeling bark, and often branched stems. It has sharp shaped leaves that have broadly toothed margins that become smaller as they grow up the stem. The flowers have crowded upper leaves at the base, and 4 white petals that become pink with age. The petals are wedge shaped with broad tips.


Pale evening-primrose is located in antelope-brush and sagebrush grasslands. It Usually grows on sandy open ground with full sun and little competing vegetation.


-Habitat loss and destruction due to human development
-Invasive species
-Destruction due to recreational usage and livestock grazing

You Can Help!

-Learn more about this plant and its biology
-Control and/or remove invasive plants and reduce soil disturbance to prevent invasive plants from establishing
-Avoid trampling or driving over the plant and the surrounding environment


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