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Small-flowered Lipocarpha

Lipocarpha micrantha



Endangered (Federal)
Red List (Provincial)


Small-flowered Lipocarpha is a tiny, annual sedge that grows as small clumps from fibrous roots. Its leaves are 1.5 cm to 10 cm long, and its flower-bearing stems are usually longer and up to 20 cm. Numerous flowers are found in each of one to three oval, brown spikelets near the top of the stems.


This plant usually grows along wet, sandy, exposed shorelines in areas that dry out when water levels decrease in fall. It requires some protection from waves and strong currents, and does not tolerate the presence of litter.


-The loss and degradation of habitat and controlled water level regime
-Recreational use of shoreline habitat
-Invasive plants

You Can Help!

-Keep the area free of invasive weeds
-Avoid trampling or driving over the plant and the surrounding habitat
-Learn more about this plant and its biology


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