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Brake for Snakes

#funfactfridayOver the next few weeks, our local snakes are going to start poking their noses out of their dens on sunny days! Some snakes, like garter snakes, often prefer to den with each other but many snakes will hibernate together in multi-species groups! Rattlesnakes, Gophersnakes, and Racers have all been observed denning with each other over the long winter months. It is thought that even though they are quite solitary, snakes den communally because there are so few locations that meet the strict requirements to safely hibernate

When driving on roads for the next several months, be sure to brake for snakes. Early morning and late evening are the most dangerous times, as snakes often choose to bask on the nice warm pavement to raise their core body temperature. Even if you are not a fan of snakes, it is impossible to deny the critical role they play in keeping us from being overrun with mice and rats! To learn more about our local snake species, visit the Snakes page of our Resources section at!


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