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It's Pollinator Week!

It's National Pollinator Week!

Did you know we have fourteen species of Hairstreak butterfly in the Okanagan valley? Hairstreaks are small, fast flying butterflies that camouflage well into the background. Because their camouflage colours, they are often overlooked and can be difficult to identify.

Two of these hairstreak species are endangered: the Half-moon Hairstreak and the Behr's Hairstreak. Both these species depend on endangered grasslands and antelope brush shrub-steppe habitats, respectively, so the palces they call home are rapidly shrinking. Hairstreaks mostly fly in June, so this week we spent a day at some of our Wildlife Habitat Steward's antelope-brush and grassland properties looking for these rare, elusive butterflies

Want to learn more about the many butterflies that depend on our antelope-brush and grassland habitats? Click here!


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