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White-Throated Swift

Have you seen a White-Throated Swift by the cliffs? These beautiful birds have a unique habitat and an equally unique lifestyle. The first spotting of the White-throated Swifts in BC was at Vaseux Lake near OK Falls in 1907 and since that time they have been spotted in many locations within the BC interior.

White-throated swifts are known to live and nest in small crevices within cliffs, out of reach from predators on the ground and protected from the elements attacking the rock face. These birds are also known for their aerobics: diving, spiraling, and flipping through the sky. While these 'air-obics' are being performed, lunch or dinner is usually being caught as the White-throated swifts are aerial insectivores (meaning they catch insects and eat them while in flight!) and can reach speeds up to 110 km/hr while catching a bite!

Photo by Richard Crossley


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