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Amazing Elk Antlers

Elk's antlers can weigh up to twenty pounds each! These solid structures made entirely of bone are used by males to dual for female attention. Luckily antlers regrow each year should any harm come to them during battles for female companionship. Elk antlers are shed every spring, and immiedately begin to grow their next set.

To insure bulls (male elk) are prepared for rutting season, antlers grow EXTREMELY fast. Elk have the fasted growing antlers of all ungulates and possibly the fastest bone growth in the world at over an inch/day (that's 2.7 centimeters/day)!

Be mindful when faced with an elk outside, around this time of year they have calves that require constant protection and you do not want to be mistaken for a threat. Give all ungulates lots of space on trails or in urban areas out of respect for these awesome animals.

Photo Credit: USNPS


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