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Did you know that moose are great swimmers?

Moose are the largest members of the deer family and the second-largest land mammal in North America. They can weigh 1500 pounds and stand six feet tall from hoof to shoulder. Looking at their hoofed feet and the male's large antlers, you may not expect them to be great swimmers but they are incredibly agile in the water. Moose can even reach swimming speeds of 6 km per hour- nearly as fast as an Olympic swimmer! They take to the water to cool off in the summer, to escape predators, and to forage for aquatic plants. There are even anecdotal reports of moose diving to depths of nearly 5 meters and holding their breath for 30 seconds!

Wetlands and shorelines provide important habitat for moose. Click here to learn more about taking care of wetlands and other ecosystems.


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