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Be wary of wildflower mixes!

Spring is springing up and many folks are probably starting to eagerly plan their gardens for the season. If you have a flower bed that need some seeding, however, make sure you know exactly what you're planting! Most of the time, those packets of wildflower seed mixes you see in stores will contain invasive or problematic species such as Bachelor's Buttons (Cornflower), Baby's Breath, Oxeye Daisy, Dame's Rocket, and Wild Four o'Clock!

Sometimes, there isn't even a species list on the package, and when they is, most of the time it's not even accurate, as a researcher from Washington State University found out a number of years ago. (Read more here:

If you want the "wildflower meadow" look in your your garden, a much better solution is to buy several packages of various native wildflower seeds and mix them together before sowing. That way, you know exactly what you are planting and can rest assured that you don't accidentally plant an invasive species.

If you'd like to chat more with us about wildflowers and invasive species, come say hello this weekend as we are setting up at both the Cawston Seedy Saturday (11:00-3:00, Cawston Hall), and Kelowna Seedy Sunday (10:00-3:00, Parkinson Rec Centre)!


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