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Earth Day

Happy #EarthDay!!!! First celebrated in 1970 in the US, Earth Day events and activities now reach upwards of 700 million people in as many as 184 countries!

What can you do today to participate?

  • Join a community clean up! -The RDOS is hosting cleanups in OK Falls and Keremeos ( -If you register with Summerland's Replenish Refillery and do some cleaning up in your neighborhood, you can win prizes! ( -On Saturday, head to George Elliot Secondary School in Lake COuntry for a community clean up and a bbq! (

  • Ditch the gas-powered wheels (walk or bike there instead)

  • Take a hike (remember to stay on the trail!)

  • Learn something new about nature -Check out our Beginner Birding webinars to learn how to ID local birds! ( -Find out what those plants and insects are in your garden with the iNaturalist app (, apps available on the App Store and Google Play)

  • Adopt a plant and help OSS restore and enhance important local habitats for wildlife! (


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