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Behr's Hairstreak Butterfly

Behr’s Hairstreak is a small butterfly that is completely dependent on Antelope Brush for its existence. Antelope Brush is the only place where Behr’s Hairstreak will lay its eggs, and the only food source for its larvae. Since this butterfly relies so heavily on one plant species, this makes the species more vulnerable to various threats – if something happens to the Antelope Brush in an area, the Behr’s Hairstreak cannot exist there either.

Behr’s Hairstreak is considered endangered in BC, and a species of high conservation priority due to habitat loss, pesticide and herbicide use, and invasive plants. Luckily, recovery of the species in our region is considered to be feasible. The Okanagan makes up less than 1% of Behr’s Hairstreak’s range, and the species is doing somewhat better in the United States where it can be found throughout the South-West interior.

To learn more about Behr’s Hairstreak and other butterflies in the Antelope-Brush community, visit our website here!


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