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Brake for Snakes!

Do you know who else is emerging alongside all these spring flowers? Snakes!

Many snakes will be leaving their rocky winter dens and migrating around the valley to their summer habitats right now. This means they will be crossing roads, yards, fields, and driveways so keep an eye out for these helpful pest controllers for the next while, especially while driving. Always brake for snakes! Road mortality (being hit by cars) is the main cause of death for snakes in many areas. Out of all seven species of snake we have here in the Okanagan and Similkameen valleys, only the rattlesnake has the potential to hurt a human and they are shy and prefer to avoid conflict.

Also- It's okay if snakes are really not your favourite animal! It's even okay to hope that you never see one in real life! But it is also important to realise that snakes are a vital part of our local food webs and ecosystems and belong here just as much as any other animal too.

Learn more about local snakes and snake safety in the Reptiles section of our Resource Library.


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