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What sharp talons you have!

#funfactfriday Did you know that the different owl and raptor families have small differences in their talons that are directly related to the way that they prefer to "dispach" their prey?

Many owl species have slightly longer and straighter talons than other birds of prey, which gives them stronger grip strength with their feet. This is because owls deal with their prey via squeezing and constriction. Fish-eating species such as Osprey and Bald Eagles have longer and more curved talons, which allows them to directly impale the fish they catch. (This has the double purpose of also helping make sure they don't drop their slippery dinner!) Many falcons, like Merlins or Peregrines, have overall strong feet and claws that help them simply immobilize their prey while they deliver a quick bite to the spinal cord.

Want to learn more about owls and raptors? Come to the SORCO Raptor Rehab Centre this Sunday for their annual open house where you can get a closer look at some of our local owls and raptors that are being cared for! We will be there with Nora the Gophersnake!


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