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Eat all day, every day (so I can sleep all day, every day)

Farewell summer, autumn is on it's way. In preparation for the cold weather and oncoming winter hibernation, bears are beginning to develop "hyperphagy." This is a behavioural change that causes extreme eating and lethargy. Bears will spend most of the day foraging, and the rest sleeping to conserve the calories they just consumed. They will be looking for high protein food such as fish and meat. The yearly salmon runs coincide nicely with the bears' schedule, so be extra cautious around salmon-bearing streams and rivers.

Other considerations to have at this time of year regarding bear safety include:

  • do not leave fruit on trees

  • do not feed birds until winter if bears are frequently seen near your property

  • secure garbage bins tightly and DO NOT PUT THEM OUT EARLY

  • clean your BBQ after that (physically distanced!) Labour Day BBQ

Always remember to Be Bear Aware!

If you are out and about ALWAYS:

  • be alert

  • make noise or wear a bell when walking/hiking in secluded areas

  • keep pets on leash

  • keep all food in sealed containers

  • NEVER approach a bear

  • report sightings of bears to the Conservation Officer Service at 1-877-952-7277

For more information, see Living With Wildlife: Black Bears


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