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From the Field: Owlets!

Last month we checked a Western Screech-Owl box for one of our Wildlife Habitat Steward partners, and found mom with at least 3 babies! We only check boxes where we're uncertain if the boxes have been occupied and keep it quick so we don't disturb the owls more than is necessary.

Western Screech-Owls live in forests found along creeks, rivers and lakes, and nest in natural cavities found in mature deciduous trees like cottonwoods. Unfortunately, these forests are mostly found in our valley bottoms where people have had the biggest impact, and there aren’t many natural cavities left. Putting up a nest box on your property can make up for the loss of their natural habitat and help screech owls return to their historic range.

Do you have riparian habitat on your property and want to learn more about becoming a steward? Check out our website here:


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