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Problems with Yellow Flag Iris

Do you know what this is? Nope, it's not ginger or turmeric! Unfortunately this is just part of the extensive rhizome (underground stem) system of a single Yellow Flag Iris clump. Extremely invasive, this plant is one of the most challenging invasive species to control. It cannot be mowed, or dug out, as its considerable root and rhizome system can re-sprout from just a single one-inch piece left in the soil. Chemical control is also impossible, as pesticides cannot be used beside water. Yellow flag iris removal is intensive and time consuming - OSS include removing the plant from the root or suffocating the invasion by securing heavy-duty tarps over dense patches of yellow flag iris. Due to its ability to invade marshes, ditches, creek-beds or any available space with moisture, this plant has caused many problems in our neighbourhoods .


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