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Happy Pollinator Week!

Pollinators do not just include butterflies and bees but also some species of flies. Flies are great pollinators due to the tiny hairs they have on their bodies. This helps carry pollen from flower to flower.

Hover Flies, also known as Flower Flies, will feed on nectar and pollen as adutls. The larvae of these flies are also great pest control, with their main food source being aphids. It is estimated that the larvae can eat up to 1200 aphids during this stage of their life. Some adults can be easily mistaken for bees due to their yellow and black colouration.

While flies might not be as exciting as butterflies and bees, they are essential for the success of flowering plants.

To learn more about our native pollinators and how to attract them to your yard or garden, visit our website at

Photo from National Park Service


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