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Hot weather got your flowers down?

Is your flower garden drooping in the summer heat? Try using native plants! Because we live in such a dry climate, many native plants are more drought and heat resistant compared to non-native or ornamental plants.

Native plants are also extremely important to the success of pollinators like bees and other insects. Many local butterflies will only lay their eggs on specific plants. For example: the Behr's Hairstreak only lays on antelope brush, and the Mormon Metalmark lays on snow buckwheat. Therefore it is very important to ensure that these plants and many like them are available for these critters.

One of the most important things to remember when planning your garden, is that you want something blooming at all times (spring, summer, and fall). That will ensure that the butterflies and bees always have somewhere to go.

For seasonal lists of native plants, and tips on how to attract pollinators to your garden, click here!

Happy gardening!


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