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How Do They Do That?

How do birds of prey survive the winter when many animals are hibernating and others are hidden under the snow?

Western Screech Owl

Many species, like osprey, will migrate to warmer areas, but other species like hawks, owls and sometimes eagles stay put and make a living during the colder months. Owls don't need to see their prey in order to hunt - they can hear mice and other small animals scurrying beneath the snow and can pinpoint them with near-perfect accuracy! Hawks often eat birds as well as small mammals, so their food is still flying around and available for eating all winter.

Want a chance to look for hawks, eagles, and owls in the wild? Join an Audobon Christmas Bird Count! Each December, birders all over the world count birds in their area to collect data on winter bird populations. Even if you aren't a bird expert, they are a great way to get outside and learn about them! Find a "CBC" in your area here:


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