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How many species of birds call the Okanagan and Similkameen home?

This Sunday the 5th is National Bird Day! Did you know the Okanagan and Similkameen regions are home to over 300 species of birds, and 35 of those species are threatened or endangered?

One way to help the endangered (and extremely adorable!) Western Screech-owl is to install nest boxes if you live by forested creeks, rivers, or wetlands! At least 2 boxes is recommended per area, as these tiny owls need separate cavities for nesting and roosting. Want to build a screech-owl box? We have plans here:

Screech owls don't screech, and nor do they hoot like the owls we hear in the movies. Click the link below to listen to the Screech-owl's "bouncing ball" hoot; maybe you've heard it before! #funfactfriday

(Photo by Alan Schmierer)


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