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Pollinator Week: Hummingbird Appreciation

Have you seen a hummingbird?

There are four types of hummingbirds in the Okanagan region and all of them are reliant on nectar from flowers for food which in turn transfers pollen from one plant to another. Hummingbirds are best known for their long beaks and impressive hovering abilities but they also deserve recognition for the large amount of pollination they are responsible for. Their long beaks are used as a straw to reach nectar inside deep flowers with a tongue that extends even further and is capable of 10-15 licks per second. Food is a very important component of a hummingbirds life and constant consumption of nectar or other food is required to maintain a fast metabolism. Due to their small size and fast metabolism, hummingbirds may visit up to 3,000 flowers a day! To insure they do not waste valuable energy by visiting the same flower twice, these birds have an amazing memory capable of remembering every flower visited.

Photo Credits: Gregory Smith, Calliope Hummingbird


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