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Gearing up for spring!

The van Alphens needed help increasing the vegetation buffer along their creek

Spring is springing and we are looking forward to checking in on last fall's projects!

We prefer planting in the fall because it lets the plants gradually "wake up" from winter dormancy already in a new home without the shock of being replanted. We check for things like vole damage, deer browse, individual survival and overall success of the planting as a whole. We also look for signs of new thistle, burdock, knapweed, and other invasive plants so we can add them to the project management plan if needed Check out all the plantings we did last fall!

We're helping Chris & Sandra Purton convert a field on their property back into riparian habitat

When we start gearing up for a new season, we always appreciate all the amazing stewards in our Wildlife Habitat Steward Program. In addition to planting projects, our stewards also have invasive plant management projects, livestock exclusion fencing, wildlife surveys, and other habitat enhancement activities like nesting boxes and basking logs on their properties!

To take a peek at other stewards and projects over the years, head over to our Projects page.


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