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🌸 Top 5 Tips for Attracting Native Pollinators! 🦋

Happy Pollinator Week!

Want to create a buzzing, fluttering paradise in your garden? Here are 5 simple tips to attract native pollinators:

A recap of the image for accessibility:

🌼Plant Native Flowers: Choose a variety of native plants like yarrow, rabbitbrush, and black-eyed Susan They provide the best nectar and pollen for local pollinators.

🌿Plant in Clusters: Grouping the same plants together makes it easier for pollinators to find and access food.

💧Provide Water Sources: Set up shallow dishes with stones for bees and butterflies to safely drink and cool off.

🏡Create Shelter and Nesting Sites: Leave some areas of bare soil, and keep brush piles for pollinators to nest and hide.

🚫Reduce Pesticide Use: Go natural with pest control to keep your garden safe and welcoming for pollinators.


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