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It's World Wildlife Day!

It's #WorldWildlifeDay! What can you do to help wildlife in your community?

Take care of their habitat! Wildlife need places to live and many local species are being severely impacted my habitat loss. Take care of natural spaces on your property and in your neighborhood to ensure wildlife have places to go.

Pick up garbage. Many birds, especially chicks, will eat plastic bits and cigarette butts thinking that it is food. This can lead to illness, malnutrition, and sometimes even death.

Keep pets & wildlife apart

We don't like to think of Mr Mittens or Fifi as being harmful to wildlife, but most of the time, pets and wildlife don't really get along. Reduce your cat's hunting by keeping him indoors when possible. If your dog chases wildlife, keep her leashed when you're in natural areas.

Use the outdoors responsibly

Be sure to ride, hike, and camp only on defined roads, trails, and sites. Creating recreation sites often causes damage to the habitat. It can make the habitat unsuitable for the wildlife that were there, and the damage can sometimes last for decades.


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